Design Templates

DIG Program participants will have the opportunity to choose from various drought tolerant landscape styles depending on shade availability and lot type. Homeowners can select their preferred style at the time of the pre-inspection visit.


Mediterranean style garden

A classic Mediterranean style garden is low-maintenance, drought tolerant and perfect for a dry climate. Inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Italy and France, a Mediterranean plant palette is made of plants that provide texture, color and structure - like lavender, cypress trees and ornamental grasses.

California Native

California native landscape

A California native landscape is ideal for those who want to create a wildlife habitat for pollinators during their migration. Colorful and showy blooms bring biodiversity into your own garden, such as monarch and painted lady butterflies.



Succulents are well suited for climates with high temperatures and low rainfall. Cacti and succulents range in size, shape, and form with various impressive blooms and do well part or full sun areas.