Alliance for Water Efficiency Partnership for Water Affordability: Long Beach Pilot

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What is it?

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Long Beach utility providers are partnering with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to bring efficient appliances to select homeowners in the 90805 ZIP code.

It’s part of a pilot program with the Alliance for Water Efficiency to determine what kind of water, energy and natural gas savings can be achieved with a direct install program for homeowners who might not otherwise have the resources to upgrade.

Participants could get:

  • Toilet, washing machine, shower heads, faucet aerators
  • Natural gas storage water heater, natural gas clothes dryer
  • Smart thermostat, duct seal, brushless fan motor

This program is completely free for the homeowner! Sign up now to save money and help us conserve.


Click here to apply.

Questions? Call our authorized contractor Synergy at (800) 818-4298.

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