DIME Online Application

Welcome to the Direct Installation for Multi-Family Efficiency (DIME) Program!

DIME is a pilot program, sponsored by the Long Beach Utilities Department, to retrofit multi-family dwellings with new water efficient appliances.

Applications are currently closed but are expected to open again soon. Please check back or fill out the form to the right to get on our interest list.

Our Goal

Long Beach is a beautiful and diverse city. The DIME program aims to assist residents that live in multi-family buildings to become more water and energy efficient in their everyday lives.

Specifically, the DIME program will retrofit both kitchen and bathroom aerators, toilets, shower heads and coin operated washing machines at zero cost to residents! Changing out these devices effectively reduces water and energy usage, which benefits our customers and the environment!

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for this program, the property must meet the requirements below:

  • Property Owner/Manager must apply
  • Must be a multi-family building in City of Long Beach (more than 3 units)
  • Must have a water account with Long Beach Utilities Department
  • Must be located within Disadvantaged Community (verified by LBUD)

After applying, we will verify the building eligibility and if approved, schedule a pre-inspection with our contractor, Justice Energy Partners.

Jessica Pineda, True Community Association Management

“In collaboration with the City of Long Beach we completed the D.I.M.E project at two properties in Long Beach, CA. It is always our pleasure to provide our owners with the opportunity to not only increase the value of their home but also have them financially benefit whenever we can. We can confidently say we are doing our part to conserve water during these difficult times.”
— Jessica Pineda, True Community Association Management