How to Measure my Project area

Tools you will need:

Steps for measuring your lawn:

  1. Utilize the graph paper to make a drawing of your home and the borders of your yard. Write in any descriptions of nearby items such as driveways, fences, or sidewalks. This will help you orient yourself.
    graph with turf labels
  2. Divide the project area into easily measured shapes such as rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. A list of formulas to find the square feet of these shapes is included below.
    graph with turf measurements
  3. Take measurements to find out the square footage of each shape in your yard. Then add up the square footage of each shape for total square footage.
    graph with turf measurements

Helpful formulas to find square footage

There are many online “area calculator tools” that will calculate the square footage of common shapes after you enter in the required measurements. Click here for one example.

Squares, rectangles, and triangles will be the most common shapes in your yard. The formulas for finding their square footage are below. If you have more unusual shapes, you can find out how to calculate their square footage on many websites such as this one.

Square or Rectangle

Height multiplied by Width = Square Footage

Square and rectangle


Height multiplied by Width and divided by 2 = Square Footage

Square and rectangle

Note: Accuracy in footage is very important. We cannot increase your footage after your project has been pre-approved, so please strive to provide as accurate information as possible in your application. Please note that your water agency may review your requested footage and reduce the project area if a discrepancy is noted.