L2G Smart Irrigation Program Components


Screen Filter

Every drip irrigation system requires an upstream filter. Any debris that is flowing out of the main waterline will be captured by the filter. These devices are easy to install and fit all standard threaded fittings. If the user notices clogging or breakthrough of debris downstream of the device, the filter can be disassembled to clean out any impurities. A filter is a required component in the Smart Irrigation Program.

Pressure Reducer

This compact device reduces main water line operating pressure. The pressure is often reduced by at least 20 pounds per square inch (PSI) from 50 to 30 PSI. A drip irrigation system efficiently operates around 30 PSI. A pressure regulator is a required component in the Smart Irrigation Program. Its location must be identified on the L2G design.

Low Flow Anti Siphon Valve

anti siphon valve

The idea of this required piece of equipment is to establish the ideal setting for a drip irrigation system. Included is a pressure regulator, screen filter, and an anti-siphon valve. This product will reduce the pressure as necessary, filter any debris before reaching the drip tubing, and establish an anti-backflow system. A low flow anti-siphon valve or control zone kit must be included in the irrigation project


Spray Head Xeri Caps

spray head xeri cap

In any drip irrigation retrofit project the remaining pop-up sprinkler heads must be covered with a spray head cap. The Xeri caps simply screw on to the piping from where the spray head was removed.

Drip Emitters

drip emitters

Along with tubing, drip emitters serve as a very important component for a drip irrigation system. Emitters are available in different sizes allowing the water to dribble out at variable rates. The color coding on emitters often indicates the flow in gallons per hour (GPH).

Spray Head Retrofit Kit

spray head retro kit

The primary component of a drip irrigation conversion system is the spray head connection kit. This component allows any conventional pop-up sprinkler system to be converted into a drip irrigation system. The installation simply involves the unscrewing of one pop-up sprinkler head and replacing it with the connection kit. Provided is a 90 degree elbow adapter that attaches the connection kit to the drip tubing.