Smart Water Meters

Let’s LiveSmartLB! Our city-wide smart meter upgrade gives Long Beach Utilities new tools and information to help you be more water efficient in your home and business.

With LiveSmartLB, we will continue to provide you with the same exceptional water and exceptional service you’ve come to expect.

LiveSmart LB Graphic

How Smart Meters Work

Smart meters provide many benefits, and the installation is a simple and seamless process to our valued customers.

  1. Smart Meter Installation – Long Beach Utilities customers will have their new smart meter installed to work properly and accurately.
  2. Communications Network – The smart meter delivers water usage and other important information for billing via an encrypted and secure radio frequency directly to the utility’s office. Your utility and customer information will continue to be safe and confidential.
  3. Long Beach Utilities – Meter data is automatically sent from the smart water meter to the utility. The utility also receives important alerts, which allows for a faster response to service disruptions and customer concerns.

How to Read Your New Meter

Click here(PDF, 459KB) for instructional steps on how to read your new smart meter.

WaterSmart Customer Portal

Every drop of water saved in conservation is one drop of water we don’t need to take out of emergency storage. Monitor your water usage more efficiently and proactively with our new WaterSmart customer portal. Register and log into your free WaterSmart customer portal today.